Sarti is the main tourist resort of the east part of Sithonia. It is located just before Sikia, about 140km from Thessaloniki. It is built on a long sandy beach which faces the tip of Athos peninsula. The place was named after the ancient city of “Sarti” which existed in the area during the classical period. Some fortification remains of the ancient city may be seen south of the modern Sarti and close to Sikia.

The new town was established by Greek immigrants arrived from Asia Minor in 1922 after the end of the Greek-Turkish war. They were poor people and the place did not have much to offer them. Therefore, they naturally turned to tourism seeking to exploit the natural beauty of the place. Therefore, Sarti followed the great tourism boom of Greece since late sixties.

The place is famous as a relaxing holiday destination. Apart from the main beach, there are numerous little bays around which you may visit by car, moto or bicycle. There are plenty accommodation options in hotels, apartment houses or camping sites. The local cuisine is of good quality, mainly due to the fresh fish found in almost every tavern of the town.

The surrounding natural environment is ideal for little excursions both in Itamos mountain which is above the town or in the numerous rocky bays which usually hide small patches of sandy beaches. There are also daily cruises to Mt. Athos. The ships circumnavigate Athos peninsula at close distance providing magnificent views of the monasteries and the stunning natural environment.

Sarti is located on the south east part of Sithonia Peninsula at about 140km from Thessaloniki and 50km from Nikiti. You should take the eastern Sithonia road by turning left at the junction which is 2km outside Nikiti. Follow the signs indicating Vourvourou, Sarti or Sikia.

Thalassa – Sarti

It’s a brand new hotel located in Sarti, one of the most famous locations of Chalkidiki, Sithonia. Situated in front of the famous sandy beach of Sarti village and based on minimal architectural style, Thalassa offers an excellent range of facilities in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

Platania House | Sarti

“Platania House” is located in an exceptionally peaceful and hospitable hillside in Sithonia, Chalkidiki, just 300 m from the beach of Platania and 1,3 km from Sarti.

Fotini House – Sarti

Located in Sarti, at the northern part of the town, Fotini House Studios is just 300m from the sea and 100m from the central square of Sarti.

Hotel Agni On The Beach

Sarti in Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki is an ideal place to be yourself, relax and enjoy wonderful holidays. Hotel “Agni” on Sarti beach may offer you accommodation for such a kind of vacation. It consists of furnished apartments and studios specially designed to offer you a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Katerina House | Sarti

House “Katerina” is located in Sarti Halkidiki, 130 km from Thessaloniki. It offers 8 studio apartments all equipped with kitchen and bathroom. Each studio may accommodate two, three or four persons.

House Zogia on Sarti Beach

House Zogia is located only 20 meters from the beach of Sarti and consists of 18 spacious studios. The studios are spacious, 22sqm each, simply decorated and feature fully equipped offering a pleasant and unforgettable vacation.

House Kostas on Sarti beach

House Kostas on the beach consists of 7 apartments and 8 studios. All apartments and studios are fully equipped having one or two bedroom with large kitchen and bedroom, which immediately gives the visitor the feeling of comfort space and guarantee a pleasant stay.

Asteras | Sarti

Hotel Asteras (Star) is located 130 km from Thessaloniki and is a jewel in the heart of Sarti in Sithonia, Halkidiki. The sea is just 100 meters away and all rooms have sea views. There are 16 spacious rooms that comfortably accommodate up to four people. Additionally there are two apartments which are ideal for families.

Villa Doxa – Sarti

Villa Doxa is a tastefully decorated villa at the outskirts of Sarti in Sithonia Halkidiki, offering comfortable and quality accommodation to the visitors. The place provides the necessary isolation from the noisy center of Sarti while being close to the beach and other places of interest.

Ladario Studios – Sarti

This is s studio house literally located on Sarti beach. The sea is a few meters away and what a sea it is! Two rocky branches embrace a small patch of sand just in front of the house thus creating a private beach. On the horizon, the dominant figure of Athos is always there, a 2.000m mountain emerging from the Aegean waves.

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