Vourvourou is a popular tourist resort, a few miles southeast of Agios Nikolaos in Sithonia Halkidiki. It is about 15km from Nikiti and 110km from Thessaloniki. A complex of indented coastline and small islands very close to the coast create a landscape of outstanding natural beauty.

There are nine islands in total off the coast. Diaporos is the largest of them, a green island with a characteristic natural anchorage, refuge of seafarers for centuries. The main Vourvourou beaches are the: Livari, Xifara, Karydi, Bara and Fava. You may visit the islands by boat. In summer, especially during the high season, Vourvourou is a busy place. So if you want to stay there, you should plan your vacation in advance or visit the area outside high season. Then you will get the best prices and mostly enjoy nature.

Vourvourou also offers escape to the mountains. The foothills of Itamos, the main mountain in Sithonia, end up in Vourvourou. There are many dirt paths that you can follow either on foot or by bike or car. From the top, you can admire the beautiful coastline of east Sithonia and of course unparalleled views of Mount Athos.

Before the great tourist development in recent decades, Vourvourou was a small settlement of fishermen who took shelter in the natural anchorages of the area and lived by the rich sea fish. In the 60’s, the summer resort of teachers of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki began to develop in the area. It is still a prototype settlement in terms of architecture, a rare example for Greece, where human interventions have been fully incorporated into the natural environment. A church of exceptional architectural design is the temple Agios Theonas, work of Nicholas Moutsopoulos.

The 70s and 80s brought the intense tourism development in Halkidiki. Such a beautiful place like Vourvourou would be impossible not to participate. Many hotels and apartment complexes have been built that are currently offering quality accommodation to visitors.

Emi Haus – Vourvourou

Vourvourou is a green paradise in Sithonia. Emi Haus is right there in front of the sea, surrounded by the green landscape.

Ta Petrina – Vourvourou

Built in a traditional architectural style, “Ta Petrina” is an apartment house located beside the forested hills of Itamos in Vourvourou, just 200m from the sea.

Villa Platanorama | Vourvourou

The traditional stone-villa Platanorama, is located in the centre of Vourvourou, in Sithonia, Halkidiki. The villa is situated in a fenced off stone tiled courtyard, amongst plane trees and lots of green, providing coolth throughout the day.

Villa Stella

This is family run business located next to a pine tree forest in Vourvourou. The house has spacious and comfortable rooms boasting splendid views of the bay below and Mt Athos in the horizon.


Hotel Thalassokipos is a family-run business located on the Sithonia peninsula in Vourvourou’s Mega Tichos region. It is amphitheatrically built on the side of a small hill and offers panoramic views of one of the most picturesque parts of Halkidiki.

Studios Ioanna

Ioanna Studios and Apartments holiday accommodation is located just next to the sea in Vourvourou, with a view over to the island of Diaporos and Mount Athos. The complex is located against a luscious green, cared for garden area with direct access to the sandy beach, with umbrella and sun bed facilities for guests.


Theoxenia apartments is located in Vourvourou which is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Greece. The apartments have panoramic view of Mt Athos and the beautiful ring of islands encircling Vourvourou bay.

Top Studios

Top Studios is located in Vourvourou, in the second peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia. This is a unique place, ideal for everyone who looks for serenity and peaceful environment, well known for its natural landscape, full of pine trees, marvelous beaches with clean blue water and numerous exotic small islands.

Lampos House

Lampos house is a family business in Vourvourou bay. It is located in a quiet and beautiful place of 2000 square meters between in a lot of trees and flowers and just 70m from the nearest sandy beach.

Panorama Studios

This is a dream holiday place. It is located on high ground, presenting a splendid view to Vourvourou bay with its picturesque islands and Mt Athos. At the back of the house, you may find yourself inside a beautiful forest at just 100m from the house.

Lofos Vourvourou

Lofos Vourvourou is an interesting resting place composed of traditional architecture and modern simpicity. It provides you with 8 small appartments 25sq.m each. Of these, five are double rooms and three are three-bed rooms apartments. Also there are two four-bed apartments and one seven-bed apartment.

Forty Roses – Vourvourou

This villa is located at the heart of an olive grone in Vourvourou, Sithonia. It offers three spacious independent apartments suitable for two up to five persons. The villa is built at the foothills of Mt Itamos jsut after Livari lagoo on your right hand.

Aggelina Studios – Vourvourou

This is a beautiful villa located in a stunning natural environment in Vourvourou, Sithonia. The villa is ideal for quiet and relaxing holidays. It features a big garden full of flowers, pines, palm and olive trees. The garden has a fully equipped BBQ while there is also a spacious parking area for your car.

Ekies All Senses – Vourvourou

Ekies is a four star junior suite hotel located on the east side of Vourvourou bay in Sithonia, Halkidiki. Vourvourou is one of the most beautiful places in Sithonia and Ekies is the most beautiful place to stay in Vourvourou.

Psarogiannis – Vourvourou

This is a family run apartment complex located in Vourvourou, Sithonia. The complex is comprised of two buildings constructed and decorated in traditional style. The first building is next to the sea, while the second is a few tens of meters away.


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