It is difficult to believe that Sikia, located on a hard to find plateau, amongst treeless, inhospitable mountains, is the oldest and bigger town of Sithonia. The place has a wild, rough character which is reflected to the personality of the local people. Living for centuries in this arid, rocky terrain, under the constant concerto of the aegean waves splashing the nearby shores, they have developed a special spirit of independence and freedom. This is why they were among the chief participants in various local revolts against the Ottoman rule in 19th and early 20th centuries.

Nevertheless, the wild temper of the people is tamed by the spirituality of Mt. Athos which casts its shadow on the land from the opposite eastern peninsula. It is even said that the shadow of Athos is behind the name of the town: “skia” in Greek means “shadow”.

Above all, Sikia and south Sithonia in general, is a land of high contrast that certainly worth a visit. Actually, you will miss a lot of the true spirit of Sithonia by not going to there.

There are numerous accommodation options mainly, small hotels and apartments, particularly in the coastal area. There are sandy bays of course, sometimes hard to be accessed but always beautiful and rewarding, offering stunning views of the mighty Athos moutain. Most famous among them are Kalamistsi, Kryaritsi and the main beach of Sykia.

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