Limanakia – Porto Carras

Limanakia – Porto Carras

This is not a single beach but rather a group of bays, forming a beautiful coastline south of the resort of Porto Carras, Halkidiki. With a length of about 9 km and more than 25 bays, called “limanakia” (little ports), the area is a small marvel of natural beauty.

The landscape is typical of Sithonia: sandy beaches with turquoise waters and lush vegetation that almost reaches the sea water.

The area is part of the estate “Carras” and it is private property by law. Therefore, access is restricted to hotel guests of Porto Carras and the site is fenced and guarded. However, if you have a boat, you can explore the area by sea. From the boat you can go to the beach for a while, although there are frequent patrols of the security service of Porto Carras to prevent such actions.

If you happen to be a hotel guest, then you may enjoy the magnificent natural environment either on foot or by bike. There are marked walking and biking baths along the beach. The dirt road is in good condition and the walking more than enjoyable. If you want to take a bike ride, then be sure to have a mountain or trekking bike.

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