Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is located at the middle of Sithonia and it is the most cosmopolitan town in the peninsula mainly due to the impact of Porto Carras resort which is nearby. Built amphitheatrically upon three neighbor hills, this picturesque town has an atmosphere of an Aegean island.

The town was established in 1922 by Greek refugees who came from the island of Marmaras in Bosporus near modern Istanbul. The place was a wilderness, very difficult to cultivate and survival was precarious. However, the newcomers were survivors by nature. They settled down, worked hard and prospered.

During the seventies, people from the nearby mountainous settlement of Parthenonas came to Neos Marmaras seeking better fortunes near the sea, thus helping the town to expand further.

Neos Marmaras was the first town in Sithonia to enter the new tourist economy in late sixties and early seventies. At those times all the neighbor towns were traditional agricultural settlements, so typical of the rural post-war Greece. Certainly, the construction of Porto Carras complex, raise new opportunities in the area. Many locals found jobs in the tourist sector and many others begun their own tourist enterprises.

Today, Neos Marmaras offers excellent accommodation options either inside the town or in the surrounding area. Old monastic estates have been bought by entrepreneurs and transformed into beach side hotels, camping sites or luxurious apartment houses.

Furthermore, there are plenty entertainment and dining choices in the area which attribute a cosmopolitan and vibrant character to the place. Henceforth, Neos Marmaras is a natural choice for younger people when visiting Sithonia.

Neos Marmaras is located on the west part of Sithonia Peninsula at about 120km from Thessaloniki and 20km from Nikiti. You should take the western Sithonia road by turning right at the junction which is 2km outside Nikiti. Follow the signs indicating Neos Marmaras or Porto Carras.

Mitari – Elia – Nikiti

Camping Mitari is located in Elia Sithonia Halkidiki. In a 30 acres area, boasting two facades in the turquoise waters of Sithonia, Mitari Camping is ideal for relaxing holiday in the nature, enjoying activities such as water sports, surfing and fishing.

Korali House – Neos Marmaras

Korali House is located in Neos Marmaras at a central spot overlooking the sea, the village and the picturesque harbor with its fish taverns.
There are fourteen beautifully decorated and fully equipped apartments, of which eight are doubles and six are triples.

Marialena Studios | Neos Marmaras

Studios Marialena can be found in Tripotamos, Sithonia, just 2km from cosmopolitan Neos Marmaras and 100km from Thessaloniki. There you can you enjoy the summer holidays in a real family, friendly and pleasant environment.

Ameris Apartments & Studios

Ameris is located in Neos Marmaras, Sithonia. It is a modern family-run four star apartment rental house. It can host you all over the year and cover your needs for short vacation but also for a longer period of time at interesting prices.

Seydnaya apartments – Neos Marmaras

Τhe villa is situated in Neos Marmaras Sithonia of Halkidiki close to Paradeisos beach. Here, we have created a beautiful environment for your vacations.

Magda House – Lagomandra

In a distance of 110 km from Thessaloniki and just 5 km from the cosmopolitan holiday resort town of Neos Marmaras, in one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece (Lagomandra) and just 30 meters from the sea in a beautiful garden you will find MAGDA HOUSE.

J & P Studios

This is a quiet, calming place, located amongst the trees and next to the sea in Neos Marmaras beach. The house has a large garden where you may relax or enjoy a barbecue. Also, there is a playground for children.

Para thin alos – Neos Marmaras

“Para thin alos” means “by the sea” in ancient Greek. That stands absolutely true for this pretty villa, just 2km outside Neos Marmaras. A pine tree grove isolates the house from the rest of the world, creating a quiet and relaxing environment.

Fantasia – Neos Marmaras

In between the waves of the Sithonia sea and the pine covered slopes of Itamos mountain, there is Fantasia, a studio house offering quality accommodation combined with great hospitality. The house is located 1,2km north-west of Neos Marmaras. The sea is just 100m away and it is all yours!

Ariadni’s House – Neos Marmaras

Ariadni’s House offers quality studios in Neos Marmaras beach in Sithonia, Chalkidiki. The house is built on high quality standards. Its decoration has the aroma of the Aegean and it is attended to the very detail. The big swimming pool with the pool bar is an excellent choice for a relaxing drink if you want to avoid the noisy center of Neos Marmaras which is a few hunter meters away.

Lagomandra Nakis

Surrounded by pine and olive trees, this family owned apartment house, is situated just 50 meters from Lagomandra beach. The natural environment is relaxing, the owners are friendly and the apartments are clean and well equipped.

Porto Carras

This is probably the most well known resort in Sithonia, a complex of great scale which includes two five stars hotels, a marina, a conference center, a casino, a golf course and even a private winery.

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